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2021 Product of the Year
The Printing United Alliance Product competition awards LiftERP with the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award
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The Lift Advantage
Our ERP modules provide a fresh new approach to manage your print shop. We create an unparalleled experience for your clients, which translates to better customer retention and increased sales. Lift is modern and easy to use. When it comes to energizing your staff and blowing away your customers, we LIFT the bar
How it Works
Lift Software cloud-based software system provides a single integrated platform to run every aspect of your print business. The process is automated and streamlined, from taking a customer’s order online, into preflight and manufacturing, and all the way through to customer delivery.  Contact us today to schedule your demo.
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"Software is becoming an ever-more critical and complex part of print businesses in today’s environment. Integrating these complex systems can be a major undertaking with significant expense. LiftERP doesn’t skimp on production workflow features. LiftERP seems to be the first system that was design ‘back to front’ instead of ‘front to back’. LiftERP’s ability to import Excel spreadsheets, map data to fields, and generate large orders (including multi-location distributions) is going to be a game changer for us."

Jason Mittelbusher
Production Technology Developer
Jason Mittelbusher

“We knew we needed a better way to manage our production in our shop but most of the ERP solutions we had seen were dated and too cumbersome. Lift was the modern platform we were looking for that was specifically tailored for large format printing.”

Calvin Prichard
Sales Manager
Calvin Prichard

"What sold us on LiftERP was the simplicity from a user perspective, how the system eliminates re-entry of data and how incredibly intuitive it is. We haven't found another system that can even come close. The team at LiftERP have worked in the print industry and understand that all shops are unique and come with their own set of nuances that the ERP system should adapt to. LiftERP has been incredible at understanding our individual business needs and customizing the system for us."

Chris Pereira
Chris Pereira

"I do a lot of wraps that are duplicates of older jobs so I'm a big fan of the reorder button, and it only takes about 1 min to get these orders entered. It saves a ton of time. I also like when proofing when we hit the process button it automatically sends out the proof emails to clients. And over all its nice seeing what jobs need to be proofed and what jobs need to be ripped, instead of looking at a pile of folders in a bin. Its also very easy to see where we are in production with jobs, and to track the shipping."

Noah G.
Noah G.
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